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Articles of Faith

  • The Ljubljana International Church is a part of Christ's universal church, and we share with believers in other communions one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. We affirm the priority of salvation by grace alone through faith in Christ, the priesthood of all believers, and the Bible as the final rule of Christian faith and practice. The Old and New Testaments, which were inspired by God, reveal His will for all persons concerning sin, salvation, and new life in Christ.


  • We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


  • We believe that man is born with a fallen nature, spiritually dead, alienated from God. This condition, which the Bible calls sin, results in slavery to evil and ultimately eternal death.


  • We believe that God intervened by becoming flesh: Jesus Christ is perfect deity and true humanity. He revealed the exact nature of God and demonstrated His love for mankind in all He did and said.


  • We believe the ultimate act of God's love was the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Through His death and resurrection Jesus defeated the enslaving power of darkness, and provided the only way for each individual to be reconciled with God.


  • We believe that this salvation is wholly a work of God's grace and is available to all who repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. No amount of moral or religious effort by any person can achieve peace with God and eternal life.


  • We believe that failure to respond to God's grace leaves a person in a state of spiritual darkness and separation from God. The finally impenitent are hopelessly and eternally lost.


  • We believe that all who trust in Christ are born again; they receive new life when they receive Jesus. Christ's sanctifying grace is received initially in the new birth (regeneration), when the Spirit of Christ plants spiritual life within. 


  • We believe that living a life empowered by the Holy Spirit (sanctification) is a step of faith that must be taken consciously and continually. Religious self-effort results in frustration and defeat. Only the Holy Spirit's power can provide the believer with consistent freedom from sin and daily guidance in his/her walk with God. Daily surrender to the Lordship of Christ is imperative to a victorious walk with God. 


  • We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers every genuine believer to tell others about the good news of God's love. Jesus commanded all believers to deliberately and clearly communicate this truth. The accomplishment of this Great Commission requires that all worldly and personal ambitions be subordinated to a total commitment to Christ.


  • We believe that our Lord will return to earth--personally, visibly, and bodily--to consummate history and the eternal plan of God. The final judgment will take place.

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