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Slovenia Christian resources

Christian books available in the Slovene language.

The Bible Society of Slovenia has many resources online and for sale in Slovene. Their bookstore in Ljubljana also has Bibles and other materials in English and other languages.

Learn more about Slovenia's protestant-era reformer in English and Slovene. Order Trubar books in Slovene, English, German and Esperanto.

Other resources and upcoming Christian events in Slovene.

Life in Slovenia

English-language news.

Slovenia statistics in English and Slovene.

Living in Slovenia.

Basic information in Slovenia's history, tipping, tourism.

Things to see and do in Slovenia.

Foreign Embassies in Slovenia.

Updated traffic information.

Slovenia International Ladies Association

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Bible resources

Search the Bible.

Daily devotional online.

Theological and biblical questions and answers.

Get involved in global outreach online in various languages.  

Learn Slovene

Online Slovene dictionary.

Online Slovene course

Short videos in various languages about Slovenia and the Slovene language

Language basics and interactive games.

Slovenian language for travelers.

Slovenian online study resources.

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