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ICL Statement on Covid Vaccinations

• The ICL leadership seeks to fulfill our mission as a “Christian community for fellowship, worship, prayer and biblical teaching to serve English-speakers in Ljubljana.” We are not epidemiologists, physicians or scientists.


• As a church ICL recognizes people have freedom to choose to be vaccinated against Covid or not. There are compelling arguments from logic and Scripture to get vaccinated and not to get vaccinated, but as a church we are not pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination. We ask ICL members to give the same freedom to others to choose for themselves. We are glad to talk if someone would like to discuss the moral / biblical implications of vaccinations for themselves personally.


• The New Testament has examples (1 Corinthians 8 and 10) of controversial issues. Thus while we have freedom in Christ to choose in this area, we will not judge another brother or sister in Christ for their decision. The unity of the body is of central importance and this is not an issue that can be definitively stated to be sinful or not, moral or immoral.


• In our gatherings, we will follow social distancing and masking guidelines, if the of Slovene government regulations direct us to to help hamper the spread of the virus, and also to serve one another.  

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